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Hi, I am Dr Avinash.

I am the medical coaching expert.

And I am on a mission to help a Million Medicos Clear their Basics, Upgrade their Knowledge & Excel in their clinical practice.


I Believe that,

With proper guidance, every student has the ability to become outstanding Doctor.

As a Medical Coaching Expert, I provide you with the exact guidance needed to bring out the best in you.

Online Courses Coming Soon

What My Students Say....

Preksha Shetty

The best part about the entire lecture is always is Dr. Avinash sir himself. The way he explains every clinical feature, treatment, complication is so logical that once you sit to study the topic it's almost like a revision. It's like my brain is absorbing all the concepts and information he utters.

Aditee Kadam

Best class for MBBS, hands down! Helped me a lot for building a strong foundation and clearing my basics. Dr. Avinash sir is very smart and very patient and would teach you the same concept multiple times tirelessly until you understand it.

Uditi Rao

Avinash sir is definitely the most passionate doctor and teacher combined in one! His concepts of MBBS are crystal clear and visual so as he explains topics, you get a mental video of what he is saying as he teaches.

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